Xbox Series X – The Excitement Is Real!

Written by Alex Maidment (nSanity Beach)

It’s been a long time since I’ve had that giddy feeling – the same feeling you’d get as a child in the week leading up to Christmas – the hype, and the excitement, is real!

I’ve never actually owned a day-one console – I’ve just never been in a position to do so, but this year, I’m all over it! I’ve got the day one console pre-order for the Xbox Series X, I’ve updated some of my set-up, with the latest addition being a Secretlab Titan SoftWeave Fabric Black3 chair and now I’m counting down the days until launch day and frantically checking my pre-order status waiting for the words to change to ‘Shipped’.

I’ve even gone as far as packing up my good ol’ Halo 5 Limited Edition Xbox One console, which has served me well for just over 5 years (almost to the day). It was actually quite a sad moment but it’s on to pastures new as my beloved Xbox One is being shipped off to a friend who dabbles with gaming and would like the opportunity to play a bit more.

With just over a week to go, there’s now a space on my entertainment unit just waiting for that monstrous Series X to arrive!

Despite the lack of Halo: Infinite on launch, I’ve decided that even with my current roster of games, the Series X is going to be a great step up. The launch day will most likely be spent setting up the console followed by a few hours of downloading Series X enhanced games, with Forza Horizon 4 and Halo: The Master Chief Collection near the top of the list.

Then, just days later, we’re treated to a brand new Call of Duty game – for me, the game will be the new console’s first real test and with the UK going into a 2nd lockdown as of Thursday 5th, it’s looks like the weekends in November are going to be pretty quiet, leaving some time to put the new console to use!

It’s a bizarre time in the world right now, and with Christmas on the brink of being cancelled (not literally) with many households potentially not being able to see their family, any light, even in the form of new consoles and games is comforting!

Bring on the next 10 days and the hype leading up the new Xbox Series S and X launch – I for one can’t wait!

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