A First Look At The Sony PS5

Written by Alex Maidment (nSanity Beach)

I haven’t really been excited for a PlayStation launch for years – I’ve too long been an Xbox fan, ever since switching over from the humble and brilliant PS2 to the Xbox 360. While Sony have always done an amazing job at bringing a great line-up of exclusives, they’re all a bit too one player story based for my liking.

The PS5 feels like it promises something more though – a masterclass in console development, maybe. While I am almost certainly buying an Xbox Series X, the PS5 will be a serious contender for space on the media unit. So, here’s what I took from the PS5 reveal in terms of the console itself… (more to follow on the games!)

Finally, we got to see the console. We saw the controller a while back now, and if I’m honest, I wasn’t keen, but that was more about the colour combination they chose to lead with. The PS5 looks… futuristic, but I don’t know if that’s a good thing. It’s pretty sleek but it looks a bit like a router, more than it does a console. I’m sure a lot of people will love the curvy design with sleek edges but I actually just prefer something that fits under my telly and doesn’t look like something from a sci-fi film.

Other than the looks, there was little information in the way of a release date and price, but we’re still expecting the console to come out around November 2020 and hopefully for a decent price!

The biggest surprise of this whole launch for me was the announcement of a digital version of the console alongside the version with a 4K UHD Blu ray player. A clever move and something I was expecting more from Microsoft but good on Sony for leading with it.

Watch this space for more console new coming soon!

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