3 Features of the new consoles we’re really looking forward to!

Written by Alex Maidment (nSanity Beach)

Providing everything stays on track in the wake of the devastating world-wide Coronavirus, we’re only 3 months away from E3 and 8-9 months away from the launch of the much anticipated next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony. With this in mind, here are three features we’re really looking forward to:

1) SSDs and Super Quick Loading

The SSDs being used in the consoles should really upgrade the performance with much faster loading times and most excitingly, now confirmed on the Xbox Series X, the ability to quickly swap between games and pick up from where you last off, not only in one gaming session but actually when you turn the Xbox off and come back to it later.

We’re all for faster loading times and general console speeds!

2) Higher resolutions and frame rates

Obviously, we’re looking forward to the much better resolutions on the new consoles with native 4k resolutions and the potential for 8k in the future, but for many players, it’s the faster frame rates that will be the real winner, pushing from the rather average 60FPS on the current gen (yet still not on all games…) to 120FPS on the new consoles and better still, variable frame rate options.

3) Backwards compatibility from the start

Some might argue that with a new generation of gaming, developers and players should be focusing on the new gen moving forward, however, there are still games that we love to play and we don’t want to lose the ability to play them, just because we’re upgrading the hardware.

Further to this, with Microsoft confirming that current peripherals for the Xbox One will work on the next generation console, we’re really looking forward to the fact we don’t have to upgrade EVERYTHING with the new generation of consoles and hardware.

There’s a huge amount to look forward with the next generation of consoles and we’re just gutted we have to wait so long to get our hands on one to try it out – plus, when will Sony finally reveal the PS5 details? Hopefully soon!

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