Rocket League – The Road to Gold (Part I) [UPDATED]

Featuring Sam and Alex

Sam (Beards n’ Cream) and Alex (nSanity Beach) are undertaking the challenge to gain and maintain a Gold Ranking in Rocket League’s Competitive Doubles game mode. They’ve spent the last month rising through the ranks after being placed in Bronze III Div II and with just over a month to go until the new season, they’re almost there with Alex at the top of Silver Three and Sam at the at the bottom of Gold! – watch the stream to see how they’re getting on:

Updated on 17.6.19 – This post was first published on the 16th June 2019 when we did a live stream that was supposed to be Part 1. The stream went ahead as planned and to our surprise, Sam went GOLD! Wooo. The downside? The broadcast didn’t save so apart from the 2 people who watched it live, no-one saw it happen. The stream/video above is our attempt 2 and technically part 1. Enjoy.

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