Merry Christmas, Gamers!

It’s almost the end of a chaotic, bizarre, never seen before in our lives year. Today, we’re not going to focus on the negative year it’s been for many and instead, we’re looking on to 2021 and the year that holds a lot of potential for the gaming world!

The holiday season in 2020 has brought us new consoles, new GPUs, new games and a lot of disappointment in the difficulty of getting hold of those new shiny toys. While there might be a lot fewer gamers waking up tomorrow morning to a console or new PC under the tree, it’s still Christmas and it’s still a time to enjoy with family and friends, if not in person, then on games!

At CHG, we’re pretty excited for the coming year as we believe there is a lot of potential still to be unveiled on the Xbox Series X and PS5 as developers learn to make the most of the increased power and finesse of the new consoles allowing for true next gen experiences.

For now though, we just want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS from everyone at Casual Heroes Gaming – we’ll be back after Christmas with more content, more streaming and new games. Until then, stay safe and happy gaming!

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