We’re going through changes…

We’re going through changes, and no, we’re not referencing Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne’s duet, ‘Changes’, we’re talking about the updates we’re currently making here at Casual Heroes Gaming.

We kicked off our website and streaming project nearly a year ago – it’s taken some work to even get to where we are now, with over 100 streams available to watch on Twitch and more than 150 articles, blogs and stream links on the website. A little background – Sam and myself, Alex, run the website and streaming side of things, and while we have some other Heroes that get involved, we do most of the legwork at the moment.

We both love doing it but we also both work full-time jobs and CHG has always been a fantastic side-project and hobby, and now we’re going to try and take it to the next level. We’re not suddenly becoming pros and funnily enough, we’re not going to quit our day jobs but what we are doing is learning from what we’ve done so far and from the many amazing streamers and gaming websites out there.

What does this mean?

Well, it means more structure, starting with proper streaming schedules. It also means more content, both on the website and in terms of streams.

It means new ideas and challenges – for example, we play a lot of CoD at the moment, and as much as we love to share that experience with you, we wanted to add a new level of fun and interest to the game so we’re introducing challenges to the game when we stream. Our first try at this was the ‘Pistol Power Challenge’ – pistols and throwing knives only with some added challenges, check it out here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/614901610

It also means new branding – we’ve teamed up with ben-newton.co.uk, a motion graphic designer and creator (also one of the Casual Heroes) to create some awesome new graphics and streaming elements for us – they’re looking great and they’re a lot of fun, so keep an eye out for them on the website and on upcoming streams!

We want to bring you the best content that we can possibly deliver, so if you’re looking for more fun, more games, more opinions and thoughts on the industry, then watch this space as we aim to please!

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