Is it time to get excited about the next generation of console gaming?

Written by Alex Maidment (nSanity Beach)

Console gamers – it’s time to get excited, PC gamers, look away now!

E3 was due to take place in just 5 weeks time from June 9th – June 11th, however, for reasons out of the organiser’s control, i.e. the global Covid-19 pandemic, it’s been cancelled. E3 was due to be a big one this year, at least for the console gaming world, as it was no doubt going to be the full reveal of the Sony PlayStation 5 as well as the release of more details about the upcoming Xbox Series X.

It was also going to be the first proper chance to see what games are being developed especially for the new consoles and PCs alike.

Well, E3 might not be happening but the gaming industry is pushing on, starting with a special episode of Inside Xbox, where we’ll finally get to see a proper glimpse if some next-gen gameplay! We’re very excited to see the full list of games that they showcase but I’m especially excited to get a better look at the much-anticipated Halo: Infinite – a game we’ve waited years for!

The special episode will be aired May 7 at 8am PT/11am ET/4pm BST – tune in and find out what the future of Xbox looks like!

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also some news, or at least leaked news that Sony will be holding a special PlayStation 5 reveal on the 4th June – it makes sense as Xbox are dominating some of the headlines right now with a lot more information having been revealed about their next gen console, including the looks and how it all works.

While we don’t know exactly what Sony will reveal in early June, we can guess that it’ll likely include a proper console design reveal, a full list of specs and features (possibly some VR stuff, too?) and maybe, just maybe, a hint at the release date and price. We’re less sure about the date and price but we’re 99% sure it’ll include a look at the console, especially since the controller was recently revealed.

The month of game reveals is upon us and we’re just excited to see what’s planned.

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