The PS5 Controller – what do you think?

Written by Alex Maidment (nSanity Beach)

In around 7-8 months, the PlayStation 5 is due to be launched. Up until very recently, we had next to no details about the PS5 as Sony have been keeping everything under wraps. We now know some of the specs of the new console – a 10 teraflop beast with all the bells and whistles we expected – from a decent upgrade in RAM to a new custom CPU through to the use of an SSD to speed up load times and the addition of ray tracing.

One thing we are yet to see is the design of the console itself. Unlike Microsoft with the Xbox Series X, Sony seem to playing the long game with the console design and all we’ve had so far is images of a bizarre looking dev kit – that is until now.

The Playstation 5 DualSense Controller

In the words of one Casual Hero: “I think the new PlayStation is going to be ugly… just a hunch”. This comment comes of the back of seeing the somewhat bold design of the new controller.

Now, the thing that strikes me the most is the bold white and black contrast – it just doesn’t look like a PlayStation controller, it actually feels like they couldn’t make their mind up as to whether to go for a fresh and somewhat stark white controller or stick with the black controller that PlayStation launches have become synonymous with ever since the launch of the PS2.

It’s worth noting that I’m often critical of console and PC peripheral designs and they do often grow on me – so moving on from the design which might grow on me, especially if other colour combinations are available – what about the features?

As noted by Sony, the PS5 controller builds on the success of the PS4 DualShock 4 controller but it comes with some new features to make gaming on the new system even more immersive.

Some of these new features include:
– Haptic feedback
– Adaptive triggers (L2 and R2 buttons)
– Removed ‘Share’ button – replaced with ‘Create’ button
– Added a microphone to the controller – it means you don’t need a headset to chat to friends
– Light bars at the side of the touch pad rather than on the back of the controller

Are these the features you wanted to see on a next generation controller? They seem okay on the whole and the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback are particularly interesting for me, especially as I already have similar features on the Xbox Elite Controller at the moment.

Personally, I’m not so sure about the microphone on the controller as I use a headset most of the time and it would rarely be used but it’s a nice feature for those who don’t use headsets!

I’m still not sure about the two-tone design and my bigger fear is that the actual console will take on this somewhat odd look – and honestly, that’s just not something I want for my TV stand – I much prefer a console that can sort of blend in with the other tech on my TV unit. Welcome to 2020 when Sony are changing things up!

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