Why do we play so much Rocket League? (and are we any better than when we started?)

Written by Alex Maidment (nSanity Beach)

When Rocket League was first launched in 2015, I wasn’t entirely sure about the concept – car football (soccer for the Americans) – so what? I decided to give it a go anyway and bought the game on PC. Well, it didn’t take long to get into it and before long it was my most played PC game. The initial run of playing the game was actually relatively short-lived and I (we at CHG) moved on to something else.

A couple of years later, I picked the game up on Xbox and after dipping in and out of the game, usually when I had nothing else to do, the Casual Heroes all started playing it regularly again around a year ago, really getting into it and trying to take it more seriously.

Why do we play so much Rocket League?

The short version of this answer is: We play Rocket League a lot because it’s a solid game.

The funny thing is, we don’t actually play nearly as much Rocket League as we’d like to, mainly because of time restraints and the one stream we do a week is pretty much all the Rocket League we play. Despite this, we have over the last year played A LOT of Rocket League, and it’s down to a few factors.

The first: we all have the game. Yes, it might seem a silly reason, but it means no matter who’s online, there’s someone to play Rocket League with.

The more important reason is because the Rocket League formula is just solid. The game is easy to play, it’s fun no matter what skill level you are and it allows you to bring a competitive spirit to the game. One of the things I actually love most about the game (as frustrating as it can be) is that we are in control of how the game goes – that doesn’t always mean winning but when we lose, we can at least look at why and it’s down to something we’ve done or just not being as good as the other team.

In most other games where you play as a team, we’re often playing with other players and regardless of how well or badly we play, we can’t control other players, meaning we lose even if we put a solid performance in.

Other reasons we play so much Rocket League: it’s updated regularly – this keeps it interesting, the cars and customisation are cool, the music is good and there are enough players online that we rarely have to wait long for a game!

Are we any better at Rocket League than when we started playing the game?

With the 14th competitive season starting on March 25th and with our 3rd season of Road to Platinum coming to an end, it’s probably fair to ask, are we actually improving or any better than when we started?


When we started playing on Xbox, we were somewhere around the high-bronze/low silver level in competitive doubles, after months of playing and trying to build our skills as a team, we have moved into a more consistent position of mid-Gold with the potential to be Platinum (hence ‘Road to Platinum’). We’re starting to play more aggressively, we’re more daring and we’re finally hitting some of those flying shots that we never used to be able to hit.

It might be another season or two before we actually reach Platinum but we’re definitely a lot better than when we first started all that time ago.

As we move forward into Season 14 of Rocket League and Season 4 of our Road to Gold/Platinum, I really do think we’re making progress and while we still enjoy the game, we’ll continue to battle on and who knows, maybe this time next year, we’ll even be pushing for Diamond or Grand Champ (as if…).

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