Has the future of gaming finally arrived?

Written by Alex Maidment (nSanity Beach)

Any development that furthers the quality and fun of gaming but be considered a step towards the future of gaming. Over the last five years there has been a lot of hype around virtual reality and augmented reality as new ways to immerse us all in the gaming world. It’s come pretty far as well bringing in some amazingly realistic games that you feel like you’re in, but I would argue that it’s still not there yet and if it’s truly going to be the future of games, then we’re still at least another few years away.

When I talk about the future of gaming being here now, I’m thinking more about technology advancements that finally make gaming more accessible for the masses. It was a pretty big moment when Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, said Google and Amazon are Xbox’s main competitors moving forward.

That’s a pretty big statement considering we’re in the year of new consoles from Microsoft, Sony and potentially Nintendo and the world of gaming news is fully focused on the PS5 vs. Xbox Series X rivalry, and rightly so.

But it feels like when Phil Spencer dismisses Sony and Nintendo as competitors, he’s almost certainly not referring to the new console releases and is actually hinting at the future of Microsoft’s gaming development, Xbox or otherwise. With the launch of xCloud and the continuous development of the stream anywhere service, the mention of Google and Amazon as future competitors has to indicate that this is where Xbox is heading in the long run.

Between the likes of Google, Microsoft, Amazon in the future and now, NVIDIA, it feels like the common games industry goal is to make gaming truly accessible to everyone around the world and this relies on game streaming at a low cost to give people who can’t afford expensive consoles and PCs to still be able to play the latest games.

The really fascinating thing about this shift in the industry is that it doesn’t just effect console gaming but actually starts to take aim at PC gamers. Take the new NVIDIA streaming service, GeForce Now – it allows you to play games already in your PC games library using low powered devices such as standard laptops and even mobile devices. With this option, why would you spend £1000+ for an RTX gaming PC when you spend £60 a year on the founders edition and play on the device you already have.

These developments that will only get better and will keep coming thick and fast seem to summarise that the future of gaming has arrived and maybe it’s not quite what we all expected but it sure it a great move forward!

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