If life was a game…

Written by Alex Maidment

I’m not going to get all philosophical – this isn’t some article about how if life was a game, you’d probably actually just be a NPC because only one in a million can be the main character… but rather, this is an open invite to think about what features from games you wish applied to real life.

Of course, there’s the obvious, respawning and immortality – no worrying about death meaning more risks and trying things you wouldn’t ordinarily do.

Another feature of games that would be awesome in real life is ‘Load last checkpoint’ – now I know life is a journey and you learn from your mistakes and blah blah blah but this is a ridiculous hypothetical scenario, so having checkpoints would be awesome! I mean, how many times have you had something really embarrassing happen or you’ve just made a really stupid mistake where you wish you could just go back and not make that mistake.

I don’t want to overthink this concept as it gets way to complicated and that’s why there aren’t even any rules to this hypothetical situation, because it’s not going to happen and rules make things boring.

One thing I actually think would be pretty cool to apply to real life is the medical side of games, like you’ve just been shot multiple times but drinking some small potion makes everything okay again – it would make hangovers so much easier!

Further still, as well as the ease of medical care through a potion, having the information bars from The Sims would be great. I’m a grown up and on the whole, I’ve got a pretty good grip of how I’m feeling, I.e. if I’m hungry, bored or need the toilet but there are definitely still some mixed signals and boredom eating is way too real. It would be so good if I actually knew at any one time want my body and brain wants and how to fix it!

There is so much from games that I would quite happily apply to my real life – the technology, how easy it is to earn money, the adventure, the save points, the care free attitude that you could take. The list really does go on! Have a think about what you would apply to your real life that only exists in games!

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