The Festive Season of Gaming Begins!

Written by Alex Maidment

It’s December. Yes, that’s right, the time has predictably come around again when we all get excited about the festive season and spend far too long playing games as the nights draw in and it’s too cold to go to the pub (or to a different social place depending on your age…).

December is actually my favourite month for gaming. As someone lucky enough not to be working in retail, my day job usually slows down and I feel like I have more time to kick back and play some games! The games I play don’t really change on the whole, although there is an increase in the party games I play as I spend more time with family and friends around the Christmas period.

Now this is great but party games are a lot of fun, hence the name ‘party games’. This can include anything from Jump Stars, Drawful and Battleblock Theatre through to Mario Kart, Crash Team Racing and Super Smash Bros. Despite all of these games having new(ish) releases, there is something ridiculously nostalgic about it.

Putting the party games aside, I am generally just a fan of Christmas and the festive period leading up to it so December is a lot of fun in the gaming world as developers add fun Christmas features that I just love! It’s not just the smaller indie games either, it’s games like Call of Duty adding festive maps through to Rocket League adding snowy features to the arenas and cars.

Then comes Christmas Day. Although I don’t spend much of Christmas Day gaming, the hour or so I get is usually great fun as all the players who receive new games for Christmas log on and those of us that have been playing the game for a while get to introduce them to the horrific world of being a noob. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare uses skill-based matchmaking so how can you pwn noobs? Well, firstly I suck at the game, so they’re probably not actually that much worse than me and secondly, I can play on my wife’s account and she’s never played Modern Warfare…

The festive season of gaming is among us and I plan on enjoying every minute of it. I might not be online playing everyday but I will sure try to be!

A very early Merry Gaming from us at Casual Heroes Gaming!

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