The World of Gaming Accessories: Mouse

Written by Alex Maidment (nSanity Beach)

We’ve covered quite a few accessories and peripherals so far; from monitors to headsets and controllers to keyboards but one thing we’re yet to talk about is the mouse. A crucial part of many PC games, the mouse is a key peripheral to help with movement, aim, scrolling, dragging things around, firing a weapon, taking an action etc etc. Paired up with a keyboard, they’re the ultimate gaming peripheral combo offering arguably a lot more functionality than a controller.

While I prefer the comfort and feel of a controller, I have to admit defeat when it comes to certain games on the PC. Take CS:GO for example – I would much rather play with a controller but the movement and sensitivity of the mouse when moving around and aiming is far better and I get beaten to the shot every time.

The mouse is mightier than the controller

Argue all you like, but for the sake of this post, the mouse is mightier than the controller. At least it is if you’re a PC player and enjoy games that rely on fast movement, such as FPS games.

One of the great things about the mouse is how many options are out there, not just in terms of DPI or connectivity, but in terms of shape, material, colour, style, responsiveness and importantly, price.

Given that everyone is slightly different in both the way they play a game and how they use the mouse, it’s great that there are so many options to suit. Personally, I arch my hand over quite a bit, so a taller and slightly longer mouse is slightly better for me in terms of comfort and allows my palm to rest over the top while my fingers have easier access to any buttons on the mouse.

As with all my peripherals, I also like to have something slightly edgy. While a sleek black mouse looks great, I quite like the RGB flair and slight aggressive curves that make it feel like it’s actually making a difference to how you play. Interestingly enough, there are so many options on the market that you can actually match your mouse to the colour and style of your PC.

It’s all about the sensitivity

There’s nothing worse than losing out to an enemy in an online game simply because they were quicker than you (I mean, there’s definitely worse, but for the sake of this post…) and knowing that part of it was down to the mouse sensitivity.

While most would argue that a higher sensitivity or DPI is always better, it does depend on your play style and the game in hand. A higher DPI will help you turn the character quickly but if you’re running with too high sensitivity, you could miss crucial shots or actions.

Given how little time I actually spend using a mouse for gaming, I opt for a slightly lower DPI. Even though I know it gives me an immediate disadvantage against other players, especially in a game like CS:GO, a higher DPI would just mean I miss shots, move too quickly and generally play worse than I already do.

The mouse has been around for a long time and its use in gaming varies massively. On the whole, it is a brilliant peripheral that is highly adaptable to different types of games and the number of different options on the market make it highly customisable based on your playing style and preferred comfort.

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