The sense of achievement of completing a game

Written by Alex Maidment (nSanity Beach)

There’s a lot of different reasons for playing video games from escapism to the social aspect through to just wanting to kill time and boredom. One of the many reasons I got into gaming was because of the sense of achievement you get from completing a game.

Most of what I play these days is online multiplayer and it’s actually been Casual Heroes Gaming that’s brought me back to campaigns in games that lend themselves to making you feel good when you push through it to the end. For example, our latest play through Halo: Combat Evolved was such good fun and it really was great to complete the game as a duo.

The nice thing about the sense of achievement side of gaming is that it doesn’t even matter what sort of game it is; it can be an FPS like Halo, CoD or Battlefield (BF4 had a great campaign!) or it can be a game like Crash Bandicoot or Spyro – they’re all challenging in their own ways and they all come with that joyful moment you get the end credits or finish the game.

You can also take the sense of achievement to the level you desire by making the game harder for yourself with different difficulty levels or you can strive to get the 100% completion by working through different challenges in the game for that added bonus.

All in all, the sense of achievement is a big part of why I bother with campaigns and story-led games as they offer something beyond what online play does. Don’t get me wrong, I still prefer multiplayer games for the social aspect but I don’t always get that same sense of achievement unless we’ve set ourselves a challenge to do.

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