CoD: Modern Warfare – The people have spoken

Written by Alex Maidment (nSanity Beach)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, one of the most highly anticipated Call of Duty games for years is only a few weeks away from launch and recently had a cross-play BETA. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try the game out due to other commitments, but luckily, the internet as always, has summed up the game for us with a lot of comments!

Amongst the negativity seen on Reddit and other platforms, there is a lot of praise for the upcoming CoD game, with people saying it’s going back to its roots and is learning a lot from the Battlefield series with the introduction of larger scale online warfare through a 32 v 32 player mode that also has vehicles.

Personally, and it might just be because I missed the BETA, I can’t wait for the new game! It really does look like my cup of tea and as someone who thoroughly enjoyed Battlefield 4 and some of the older Call of Duty games, I think it will be easy enough to get over some of the annoyances that people are finding with the series.

It’s good to clear up at this point that the aim of a BETA of this stage of games development is mostly to fix bugs before the actual launch of the game. As with all games being tested in a proper live environment, the game had it’s bugs; people under the map, people being able to see through objects, some issues with input types (controller, keyboard & mouse) but Infinity Ward seem to have been quite responsive in taking the feedback and fixing things while the BETA was still active and taking a list of fixes before the game is launched. This is great to see as we should all have a more wholesome experience when the game comes out on October 25th.

So, beyond the bugs of the game, the players had a lot to say about the game and how it works and news of what’s to come, so what’s going on?

PS4 Timed Exclusive – Specs Ops: Survival Mode

It’s not unusual for games to have a timed exclusive these days and CoD games have long offered DLC to one console before the other. Usually this timed exclusive is a matter of weeks or maybe a month or two, but in this case, the time exclusivity is a year! Yes, you read that right, a year!

So what do PS4 players get for a year before Xbox and PC players? They get a Spec Ops mode called ‘Survival’. While there aren’t many details currently about the mode, the recent campaign trailer (which looks ace, btw!) showed a snipped of the game mode.

Now, while Infinity Ward have come out and said it’s not up to them and also that it’s only the equivalent of 1% of the game, it’s caused a stir nonetheless. Even PS4 players have joined the bandwagon to say it’s ridiculous. For many, it’s not even that it’s favouring one console over the other platforms, it’s the fact that everyone is paying the same price but some are getting less of a product for it.

Even more silly is the fact that it’s for a year, by which point, the next Call of Duty game will likely be launched anyway, and further still, the new consoles will be hitting the market.

It’s all just a bit petty and another way to try and urge people to buy a new console for a tiny part of the game. People are rightly pissed off.

Micro Transactions

Yes, Call of Duty will have microtransactions. It’s not great but what game doesn’t have them now? If a publisher knows they can sell you the game and then make a load of money on top, why wouldn’t they?

It would be a much nicer world for all gamers if microtransactions didn’t exist, especially when they encourage a play-to-win culture where the best guns can only be purchased, but unfortunately, that is now part of the game.

The only way to fight this is to either not buy the game or to just not use microtransactions.

I get why everyone is annoyed and absolutely we should make our voices heard but unfortunately, we shouldn’t expect change.

Silly Cosmetics

Recent CoD games have been full of weird and wonderful cosmetics for weapons, skins and just about every other element of the game. Frankly, it’s getting a bit ridiculous and starting to take the biscuit.

Sure, there’s definitely space for customisation, you only need to look at games like Battlefield, CS:GO and even Halo to some extent to see that weapon customisation can be fun without being completely stupid. CoD has taken it to other levels where people run around with giant hammers, wear stupid costumes and just generally to the point where the game can’t be taken seriously.

A lot of people have spoken out saying that it would be great to have a game that keeps these cosmetics to a minimum and if it has to have them, keeps them more subtle and to some extent realistic. Files have been found to say weapon charms might be a part of the game, but surely that’s not too bad?


The fact that CoD is going to be cross-platform is brilliant. At least it is from my perspective as an Xbox player. With so many people buying the game on different platforms, this cross-play aspect should keep the game strong with a larger audience giving the ability to keep lesser played game types alive where they might usually die out on one platform.

Having said this, there have been some concerns around keyboard and mouse support against controllers. On the whole, good keyboard and mouse players sometimes have an advantage over controller players with the faster movements of the mouse. Personally, at the level I play the game, I don’t see it being an issue. Also, as far as I’ve seen, there could be options to not play with other input types.

Either way, I think the cross-platform aspect is a great start to the unification of games like CoD that are released on a few different platforms. It makes sense for different consoles and devices to exist for exclusives but where the game is released cross-platform, it’s great to have the combination of players.

Skill-based Match-Making (SBMM)

The new game is supposed to be launching with something called ‘skill-based-match-making’ – effectively, it’s a way of trying to make the game fairer by matching you with more similar skill levels. Rather than jumping in as a noob and getting owned, you might stand more of a chance.

From what I’ve seen, it’s actually some of the better players who don’t like the idea of this, with some saying it makes the game less fun as every time you play is a challenge and very competitive. Others have also said that mixed level play encourages players to develop their game style as they play against better players.

It’s an interesting concept and something I’ll have to try before being able to judge.

On the whole, the upcoming CoD game has received a lot of praise and is touted to be the best of the series in a long time. Personally, I can’t wait to jump on the game come October 25th and sink hours into the different game modes!

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