What we’re expecting from EGX 2019

EGX is “The UK’s Biggest Gaming Event”. It is a gaming convention that showcases some of the latest and upcoming AAA games as well as a huge mix of indie games, merch, tournaments, gaming accessories, cosplay, industry talks and much more.

For the Casual Heroes, attending EGX is a yearly tradition and we’ve been attending the expo for the last 6 years or so, and usually for the full 4 days. In the past, EGX has usually taken place in September and for the past few years has been located at the NEC in Birmingham.

Two big changes have occurred this year – the location and the date. The expo is now taking place at the Excel Convention Centre in London from the 17-20th October. As a group that live in the midlands, the location change is a little more inconvenient (we’re a 20 min drive from the NEC…) but exciting nonetheless.

We can only hope that the move is to take things to another level in terms of size and of course for accessibility for other people AND exhibitors.

This year is a bit of an odd year for gaming as while there are some big games being released, some have already come out and others have already had playable BETAs. For EGX, this takes a little bit of the excitement away this year as it’s usually a chance to play some of the games before anyone else. However, with next year being a MASSIVE year for gaming, what can you expect?

Well, EGX is still a fantastic expo to visit. Even putting the games aside, the general atmosphere and culture is just excellent with so many like-minded people gathering to nerd out over their favourite games, characters, genres and merch.

There is so much to do when there and we’ve often found the best way to have a bit of down time and a coffee or snack is to chill out in the competition zone and just check out some of the skills that others possess. There is always a good mix of tournaments and competitions going on, from the more amateur rock-up-and-play something to the professionals kicking ass in Street Fighter, CS:GO, Rainbow Six: Siege, League of Legends… there is something for everyone.

If eSports isn’t your thing, why not check out the awesome cosplay! There are plenty of people walking around the showfloor in cosplay but there is also a stand that highlights some of the best cosplay at the event and also puts on talks about how to get into it, how to do it and hints and tricks.

When walking around the show floor, some of the usual things we’re expecting to see and can’t wait for include:

  • Lots of merch stands
  • Specialist gaming hardware shops (i.e. Scan, Overclockers etc.)
  • OEM demos – Asus, MSI, Intel usually have some pretty cool stands, but this is just the half of it. There is so much to check out from the big players!
  • Console specific stands – usually a Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo stand to try out some of the exclusives
  • Indie games – we LOVE the indie games. It’s such a good way to try out new styles of games and just new ideas that you might not know about otherwise. It’s usually loads of fun and you can talk to the devs who have poured hours into building these games

EGX 2019 is going to be great. 2020 will probably be even better given the new consoles, but that shouldn’t take away from the fact that it’s just a great place to enjoy the gaming culture and industry for a few days and get super hyped for what’s to come.

If nothing else, the show just reminds us of why we all love gaming so much!

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