The World of Gaming Accessories: RGB

Written by Alex Maidment (nSanity Beach)

RGB isn’t an accessory as such. It’s more like a feature of an accessory, but I’m going to talk about it anyway as it’s become such a big part of gaming culture that it’s basically earned it’s right to be a gaming accessory.

In its purest form, RGB is an acronym red, green, blue, a colour combination through which you can create A LOT of other colours. And that’s the next school of thought, RGB is about colour. In gaming, it’s basically referring to light and LEDs that allow you to add a pop of colour to your peripherals, monitor, pc case and effectively anything you want to. 

Take me as an example. While I don’t have a lot of RGB based accessories, I do have an RGB LED strip that runs around the back of my monitor, lighting up the wall in whatever colour I desire. At the time of writing, it’s fading from colour to colour creating a nice ambience around the PC.

Then I have an RGB mouse that again cycles different colours giving it a cool effect, especially when it’s dark

In many ways, there is no point to RGB – unlike most of the accessories we’ve covered and talked about so far, RGB lighting doesn’t add to your gameplay, it mostly just makes your accessories look shit-hot or dare I say it, when it’s overused – tacky. But let’s stick with the first description: shit-hot.

In the past, RGB was never something I was all that bothered about but as I took on a PC build and have since considered various upgrades, RGB is starting to become something I want on a component or accessory. Every year when I visit EGX (gaming expo in the UK), I admire the beautiful PC builds in all of their RGB glory.

I’m currently considering a new liquid cooler for my PC and I can’t help but be tempted by the RGB fans – they make no difference to the performance, and in fact, they’re even slightly more expensive but damn, it would be cool to have RGB fans. 

RGB has an odd significance in the gaming world, almost to the point where RGB has become part of the overall gaming culture, like do you even game if you don’t have RGB? I’m kidding, obviously, but let’s face it, we all love a bit of RGB deep down and the idea of having matching RGB peripherals, components and general PC parts is something we like the idea of!

You can’t fight it, RGB is a fun, quirky feature of many accessories and it’s pretty darn cool!

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