Let’s talk about the PS5


We’re still a year away from the hotly anticipated next-generation games consoles and the internet is full of rumours, leaks, images, renders and whisperings of what Sony and Microsoft might release in 2020.

This week has been no different, as we come to the end of Gamescom in Cologne, two of the biggest gaming stories are actually about the consoles we have to wait another year for. Firstly, the rumoured ‘Cloud-only console’ that we all thought might come from Microsoft next year, especially considering the upcoming xCloud streaming service, is just not to be! Microsoft have said they have no plans to release a streaming only console. 

Fine. I don’t want to believe it, but what can you do?

On to the more interesting news. Following a recent patent release from Sony, we might have had a first glimpse of the Playstation 5! Exciting, right?

Now, I know I don’t really talk about PlayStation very much and that’s purely because I don’t have anything newer than a PS2 so can’t really comment on all things PlayStation, but when it comes to new consoles, I love to see what’s coming our way.

While I’m confident I’ll be sticking with Xbox, I might well be considering the PS5 as well. 

Anyway, back to the patent. While very little information is given away, we already know the next consoles are going to be epic and are the first consoles in a long time that might actually be future thinking and not already behind today’s technology. 

With 4K and possibly 8K resolution capabilities, Sony and Microsoft both have something special up their sleeves and while the specs are one thing, the look is what everyone is waiting for. 

Well, we might have now seen the PS5! In the patent images, and renders (see image, credit to LETSGODIGITAL), the console looks a little different from what we’ve seen before. Firstly, it’s rather chunky, has A LOT of vents and has a ‘V’ shape, which could well stand for 5. Who knows, maybe the next gen PlayStation will be the PSV following in the footsteps of Apple and the ‘iPhone X’. 

I’ll be honest – I don’t like it. It’s a cool idea but a bit too futuristic and ultimately looks like a PC case I wouldn’t choose as it’s just a bit too out there. My main thinking here is that consoles often sit on TV/media units and a lot of people like them to blend in. This really wouldn’t blend in and looks too obvious. 

It’s worth stating that this could be far from the final design and it might even just be a dev kit as game developers will be well on their way to developing for next gen. The vents do make sense as given the power of the specs it’s likely to have, it’s going to need some serious cooling. 

Only time will tell as to whether this really is the new PlayStation but currently, I’m not too keen…

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about the PS5

  1. I think the design is a prototype, or development kit. It looks sort of futuristic but I am not sure it would appeal to console gamers who, like you said, like having their electronics blend in. For me, console purchases always come down to games, and so far Sony has always scratched that itch enough. But I’ll still be interested to see how this generation plays out!


    1. I think you’re right and can only hope it is the dev kit and the final design will be a little more toned down. You’re spot on with the games aspect though and Sony does well to provide great games to PlayStation owners. I’ve previously stuck with Xbox for Halo but with Halo coming to PC as well as Xbox, there’s a chance I might cross back over to PlayStation. One thing is for sure: 2020 is going to be a fascinating year for console gaming!

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