Replaying Halo: Combat Evolved

Written by Alex Maidment (nSanity Beach)

I have a confession: I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy replaying Halo: Combat Evolved. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the Halo games and I’ve long been a fan, but for some reason, I had a bit of apprehension about playing through the campaigns again, especially considering it wasn’t so long ago that I played them through on my own. 

Well, I was wrong. In our recent streaming mini-series: CHG Plays Halo: Combat Evolved, I’ve had a lot of fun playing through the remastered version of Halo: Combat Evolved with Sam.

Despite the graphics still not being amazing in the newer game (it was released quite a while ago now!), the jump from the original graphics is nothing short of amazing. We’re not just talking nice texture packs that bring the blocky looking visuals up to date, we’re talking a rethink and re-imagination of how the Halo Universe looks. It draws from more recent games to bring in beautiful details from the landscaping outside to the grim faces of the flood. 

The real winner in Halo: Combat Evolved though is the gameplay. It might not feel like we’ve been taking Halo CE super seriously but behind the scenes it’s brought back all of the nostalgia from when I first played the game on PC.

Playing it through with a friend was also a first for me. I didn’t have that opportunity as a kid playing the game (not because I didn’t have any friends, I just didn’t really see it as an option with potato dial-up internet and not many friends that owned the game on PC) so it was a fun experience to run through the game and share the burden of defeating enemies and saving allies.

The story or Halo: Combat Evolved has always been one that I thought was fascinating with the twist and turns of battling the Convenant on this alien ring-shaped planet, Halo, while attempting not only to stop the Covenant from using Halo as a weapon but also trying to find the Captain of your crash-landed ship, Keyes. Then comes the introduction of the grim infected-like aliens, the Flood. And as if that wasn’t enough, you also spend parts of the game fighting against 343 Guilty Spark’s crew of Sentinels. 

It’s a thrilling, fun and interesting ride that has the ability to push you to your limits and cause a lot of frustration while also giving a huge amount of joy as you successfully push through each level. 

Replaying Halo: Combat Evolved on The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One has been tremendous fun and I’m already looking forward to playing through the next few games!

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