Crazy Crossover – Empires & Puzzles feat. Borderlands 2

By Sam Lammond (Beards n Cream)

What’s a crazy crossover? It’s a mix of the last two games you played creating some sort of cool or crazy (or sometimes perfectly logical!) hybrid game or game mode.

Today’s crazy crossover is a combination of the last two games I have played: Borderlands 2 and Empires and Puzzles. Let’s start with a bit of background.

Borderlands 2 is a co-op (up to 4 players) first person looter shooter that involves….well, looting weapons and shooting bandits. It takes on some MMO traits such as quests and raid bosses where you are normally able to grab the best weapons that the game can offer.

Puzzles and Empires is a very different style of game I have been using to pass the time when all I have is my phone. It follows similar styles as Pokemon Puzzle League and Candy Crush in that you have to match colours in a row or shape of 3 or more. However, in this game, you use these block matches to attack some enemies in a turn-based RPG. The blocks are set as different elements and will do more damage to certain enemies than others. You then use XP, food and loot to improve your base and in turn help you get better characters and party members to continue through the game.

So what happens when you cross over these two relatively different games. I am going to be focusing on Empires and Puzzles being the main game in terms of mechanics with Borderlands characters, enemies and weapons.

However, instead of having random named heroes that no one cares about, you can build your team out of protagonists of the Borderlands series ranging from the first 3 sets of Vault Hunters. Borderlands 3 vault hunters would not be included due to the game being set after Borderlands 2.

The 5 elements from the Puzzles game would be replaced with fire, corrosive, explosive, shock and slag from Borderlands 2 and they would affect enemies differently. So flesh enemies receive more damage from fire, shielded enemies take more damage from shock, armoured from corrosive, explosive not really weak to anything and slag adds a damage buff to an enemy that it hits.

In Puzzles, you can unlock troops through summons you get once daily (unless you are willing to pay….) which can be of different level and power. When you connect the blocks these troops are what “attack” the enemy. I feel in this crossover, the troops could be replaced with weapons from the Borderlands series but these would be able to be unlocked through defeating enemies. The harder the enemy the higher the chance of getting Legendary weapons that do more damage like the universally loved DPUH (Gold star to those who know what that is).

The story of the crossover would essentially be Borderlands 2 following the waves style system of Puzzles with the boss at the end of each level and would continue until the end of the story with increased difficulty of the enemies and variety of enemy types.

So that’s my take on a crazy crossover between Empires and Puzzles and Borderlands 2 where the core mechanics of the game would be Empire and Puzzles with Borderlands 2 story, characters, loot and elements.

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