My Top Three Call of Duty Games

By Alex Maidment (nSanity Beach)

Call of Duty (CoD) almost feels like a games series that I want to dislike. I can’t quite explain why but I kind of feel embarrassed for being a fan of the series, despite it being one of the best selling games every year when it releases. 

There have been some… interesting takes on warfare in some of the games, from fighting in space to having swords and giant hammers in the battlefield, in fact, some of the recent games have gone so far away from the game series’ humble beginnings to become a bit of a big joke. I have high hopes that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, due to be released on October 25th, will take it back to the barebones and bring back some of the elements that I love about the Call of Duty games. 

Here’s my top three Call of Duty games:

3) Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

I know I just berated the games series and developers for adding in all of the silly stuff including ridiculous weapons but Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was a fun game and it was my first CoD game on Xbox One, which made the experience all the better. 

There was still something ridiculous about this game, but I enjoyed some of the extra game modes, especially the Exo Survival, which saw rounds of AI come at you in a Zombies like experience with a twist. There were also some pretty good maps in Advanced Warfare and a half-decent campaign. It’s not the sort of CoD experience I usually like but it probably kept me interested enough in the games series to still be buying the games today.

2) Call of Duty: Black Ops

Black Ops was brilliant. It’s one of the few CoD games in which I thoroughly enjoyed the campaign and the online multiplayer experience was top-notch with some of the best maps I can remember from any Call of Duty games in recent years.

I sunk hours into playing Black Ops and it was always a blast. To think we’re now on the fourth installment of this mini-series within the bigger Call of Duty franchise is pretty great, although, personally I don’t think any of the follow-up games have lived up to the original. 

The weapons in this game were also pretty great with a lot of good options for all sorts of players. 

1) Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

My top Call of Duty game had to be Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It was an absolute masterpiece. 

The campaign was brilliant – a challenging boots on the ground campaign with a great mix of characters, missions and tasks that made you feel like you were a tactical part of something real (not that you’d necessarily want it to be real…). The setting was also fascinating starting with a line that gave everyone who played it chills: “40,000 people used to live here…”

It was probably my first real experience of Call of Duty having never really indulged in the first three games before this one and concentrating more on Medal of Honour on the Playstation 2 and it opened up a whole new world of war games for me. 

The online was also excellent and when playing with a large enough group of friends, it made for some fun evenings and school nights playing CoD together. For me, the first Modern Warfare game sums up everything that a Call of Duty game should be and I can only hope that the new installment takes a lot of lessons from it’s namesake!

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