Gaming got cool – Let’s celebrate by playing games!

The gaming industry has grown to become one of the world’s most popular entertainment mediums and has become a multi-billion dollar industry. It’s also an incredibly versatile and accessible form of entertainment with so many different ways to engage with games. 

The whole idea of being a gamer has become normalised by the increasingly positive portrayal of gaming in the media and the idea that all gamers are uncool and “nerds” is fading away. 

As a side note, there’s nothing wrong with identifying as a nerd and those who use words like nerd and geek as derogatory terms don’t know what they’re talking about!  

The fact that gaming has become cool is something we should all celebrate. For many people, gaming has long been a safe space where they can escape the world and enjoy themselves as whoever/whatever and in whichever world they want to be! It’s great to see this is opening up to more and more people in new and different ways. 

New technologies are even taking this form of escapism to new levels, for example the immersive experience that comes with virtual gaming. 

Ultimately, this very short blog is a shout out to all the gamers out there from those that have waited decades for the industry to grow into what it’s become today through to those that only started gaming yesterday! 

Sure, there are always going to be negative things about your hobbies and interests becoming popular and cool, but the positive impact that gaming can have across the world should outweigh the negatives! 

So let’s all game together and enjoy the incredible medium that we get to indulge in so many different ways!

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