What would the world be like if Pokémon were real?

Pokémon is beloved by many around the world for it’s fun video games, masses of merch, tv shows and of course, the trading card game. In recent years, we’ve been spoiled with experiences that make Pokémon almost feel real in our world. 

While I have never been a fan of Pokémon Go myself, it does feel like a step forward in terms of bringing the little pocket monsters to life in the world as we know it. The Pokémon Let’s Go games on the Nintendo Switch continued that theme bringing the creatures to our big screens. 

Then came the recent Pokémon movie, Detective Pikachu, and suddenly we got a chance to really look into the world as if Pokémon were real thanks to the magic of cinema. 

When I watched the film, it really made me think about how neat it would be for Pokémon to walk and live among us and while the film did touch on some of the darker themes, such as underground Pokémon battles, it left us believing the world could be a beautiful place with little pocket monster pals.

But what would the world actually be like if Pokémon were real? Would it even be any different? After all, Pokémon are based on the animals and objects we already have in the world and we don’t treat animals like we would Pokémon.

For me, this question actually comes down to practicality – boring, I know, but important. It’s a bit like the whole ‘imagine if you could have a lightsaber, it would be so cool!’ – yes it would, until someone gets hurt. (I sound like you’re Mum, I know!)

If Pokémon were real, would it really be fair to catch them in little balls? How often do you have to feed them? How do you look after all of your Pokémon pals while you’re working?  Where do they go to the toilet? Who cleans the Pokeballs? Arggghhhh, there are so many questions!

Maybe instead of real, actual animal like Pokémon, we could all have little digital Pokémon, kind of like a hologram. If could be a super advanced version of Pokémon Go that actually allows you to physically see your Pokémon and battle others. 

I have no idea how it would work but at least this way it would be fun, safe and you wouldn’t have to worry about Pokémon cruelty! 

Sadly, there is no such thing as a real Pokémon in our world and nor will there ever be, but it’s fun to think about! Unless you think too hard about how a Charizard might eat you or a Snorlax might fall asleep on you and crush you. Oh well.

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