Crazy Crossover – Halo 5 feat. Rocket League

By Alex Maidment (nSanity Beach)

Imagine what would happen if you combined the last 2 games you played – would it be an RPG come trivia game, or maybe a mobile arcade game with a touch of driving? Well, crazy crossovers is exactly this – what happens when you mix the last two games we played?

So, I’ve recently been getting back into Halo 5, likely inspired by the Microsoft 2019 E3 briefing where they teased a little bit of the upcoming Halo: Infinite. In fact, I am a big fan of Halo – I love the concept, the story and the gameplay.

As you might have seen from other posts, my other recently played game is Rocket League.

Now comes the interesting bit – what do you get when you mix a first person shooter set somewhere in space with a driving football hybrid?

For the sake of simplicity, this crazy crossover is going to be a game that combines the multiplayer elements of Halo 5 with Rocket League rather than taking into account the Halo 5 campaign!

Some of you might already be thinking the same as I first did – it’s just Grifball right? An online game mode that has featured in various Halo games and involves a team of 4 spartans trying to smash each other with gravity hammers while trying to get a ‘ball’ into a small end zone goal type thing…

Hmmm, maybe this crossover already exists? But let’s think about it a little more anyway, and besides, there are no cars in Grifball.

So in my crazy crossover, Halo: Rocket Ball, I would love to see a team of 4 controlling spartans riding Rocket League cars with the objective of getting the ball into the goal.

For the standard game mode, each team of 4 only has two cars and the game randomly assigns who is a spartan on top of a car and who’s steering the car. Each game mode and map/arena would then use different weapons for the spartans so one game you’ve got an assault rifle, the next it’s an energy sword, and the maps would rotate between Rocket League style arenas mixed with larger Halo maps where there are more obstacles.

There could even be a big team mode – we’re talking 16 vs 16 (8 cars, 8 spartans per team) and the aim is the same – to score the goals, except the ball is bigger and we’re on bigger maps.

The brilliant thing is, the Rocket League and Halo 5 multiplayer ranking systems are pretty similar so our Road to Gold can continue!

Keep an eye out… Halo: Rocket Ball, it’s the next big thing! (Except that it’s not…)

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